The Enterprise

Inspired by this post on io9, I decided to do my own ranking of the starships Enterprise.

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Doctor Who theme on Pi Zero

This is an amazing piece of work that I’m proud to have made a small impact on.

Doctor Who and TV culture

Doctor Who is a reflection of the culture in programme-making and showrunning that it originates from. It’s just that the current TV culture is not conducive to good Doctor Who. It can be done, but not with people like Moffat and the current BBC board of directors.

TV now is heavily invested in essentially just making a very long movie that never properly ends. It used to be more like an old-fashioned radio serial, but now it’s like a Hollywood movie. That’s just how TV is. Doctor Who isn’t emotionally-driven, so it suffers, because that’s all people know how to make, and even worse, it’s all people know how to market.

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