Danny Stewart

Paul Hartnoll’s Sea Devils Remix

Amazing piece I just discovered. Props to Paul Hartnoll for being such a dude.

England 2014

My annual trip to Brighton, England begins tomorrow, March 22, and lasts until Thursday, April 3. I can’t make any promises regarding availability, but if you’re interested in meeting up and grabbing a drink, let me know!

The Time Traveler

A poem by my uncle, Greg Knight. Partly inspired, of course, by “I Am The Doctor.”

Who can blend faith
with science?
To take away
the night that blinds us?

Who wields the sword
of consciousness?
To destroy the foes
from someone less?

Who frightens usurpers
of the light?
Those purveyors
of eternal night?

Who commands the cosmos
with a word?
Until all his
enemies have heard?

A traveler of time
so bold and true
He is the Doctor,
That’s who.

Peter Capaldi’s costume

Commenting on his costume, Peter Capaldi said: “He’s woven the future from the cloth of the past. Simple, stark, and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 percent rebel Time Lord.”

I like it. I like it a lot.

Doctor Who and TV culture

This was written by Josef Kenny. I just stole it and made minor alterations for clarity.

Doctor Who is a reflection of the culture in programme-making and showrunning that it originates from. It’s just that the current TV culture is not conducive to good Doctor Who. It can be done, but not with people like Moffat and the current BBC board of directors.

TV now is heavily invested in essentially just making a very long movie that never properly ends. It used to be more like an old-fashioned radio serial, but now it’s like a Hollywood movie. That’s just how TV is. Doctor Who isn’t emotionally-driven, so it suffers, because that’s all people know how to make, and even worse, it’s all people know how to market.

I like Doctor Who because it’s an enigmatic guy who nobody knows anything about, taking people from one time and place to another, and having to solve problems and deal with situations by casting them in either a historical light, or taking current ideas and extrapolating them either into the future or into an alien society different from ours. That’s why I like Doctor Who.

Sure, I like the TARDIS and I love seeing the proper TARDIS prop and howlarounds and Sid Sutton’s rainbow stars, but that’s not what defines Doctor Who, those things are just symbols of it. I like them because of what they suggest and what they represent.

Doctor Who isn’t a bunch of memes sandwiched together with contrived plots and unrealistic peril. It’s an educational TV show where you take people (frequently from Earth) to other places. It’s an adventure, not a drama.

Developing characters isn’t wrong. It’s not a problem. Most great TV shows and movies are based on it. But Doctor Who isn’t focused on that. The point of it is to expose ideas, not to develop characters over a lasting, overbearing arc.

The point of Doctor Who is that sometimes you get attacked by a giant shellfish.